Svitlana Prokhorovska, Viktor Ostroverkhov, Larysa Zaporozhan


In the article the place of reward is investigational for labour in the process of motivation of personnel. The role of material and labour motivation of personnel is studied. It is set that the feature of economic reasons is that workers, executing the put asks, aim to get a fee for the labour. It is found out, that by economic instruments, that assist the effective reward of personnel of enterprises there is a salary, bonuses, percents from a sale, different payment sand privileges. The mechanisms of behavior of people are investigational informing of reasons to productive labour.
Research results specified that for a working man important is realization of  such necessities at labour as: providing of material welfare, self realization, achievement of certain social sttus, receipt of social guarantees, stability and confidence. It is set that the level of material motivation directly depend son the presence of close connection between labour payment and reward for labour. Such connection is arrived at by correct scientific organization of salary, that in practice is determined by the organizationally-economic mechanism of estimation of labour payment of the hired workers and forming of parameters of salary. Directions of activation of the use of effective material motivation of personnel and non-material rewards are exposed. The new methods of reward are offered for labouring the processor motivation of personnel.


reward; deserving salary; salary; motivation of labour; remuneration of labour; personnel; hired worker; employer

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