Orest Tsisetskyi, Viktor Ostroverkhov


The article deals with the approaches and principles of forming a system of conflict management in the organization. Conflict science and practice have quite significant developments
in the theory of conflict and its application in production activities. However, the lack of a systematic approach in the process of intervention in the conflict interaction in the organization
does not always give the expected results. A system approach to any activity – is a guarantee of achieving the desired result. In the organization's activities, systemicity must be an integral part of
all levels and segments of management. In order for the system to ensure the effective implementation of the tasks, it should be formed and developed on the basis of the principles of
specialization, integrity, co-operative, structuring, adaptability and self-control. As practice shows, very few enterprises and organizations have conflict management specialists and even fewer specialized units. Our proposed system will provide a professional approach to conflict management. Based on the above principles, we believe that the conflict management system in the organization should consist of the following elements: vision, resources, staff, incentives, action plan. The existence of a conflict management system in the organization can ensure the functioning of the organization without conflicts, which will facilitate its effective operation. Creating an effective conflict management system in an organization should be on the agenda of all managers of organizations, regardless of the sphere of activity and ownership.


conflicts; system; organization; enterprise; conflict management; development

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