Elements of protection and prevention of corporate conflicts

Orest Tsisetskyi


The problem of developing and functioning of the system for managing corporate conflicts is not enough, so we want to offer our vision of its solution.
Along with the main elements of protection and prevention of corporate conflict, which are applied on the basis of review, mediation, involvement of the arbitral tribunal, in practice it is expedient to use the following: collecting information and building a database of potential participants in the conflict; search and analysis of vulnerable positions of the parties; development and implementation of organizational and technical measures for the protection of information about the corporation and participants in the conflict; collection, systematization, processing, analysis of the illegal activities of the parties to the conflict; interaction with law enforcement agencies, antimonopoly committee; legal aid; physical protection of persons involved in the conflict; engineering and technical protection.
All these measures complement corporate conflicts or minimize their negative consequences.


corporation; corporate conflict; system; protection; conflict management; development

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